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The attorneys at Susan Fuller & Associates, P.C., are passionate and aggressive criminal defense lawyers. Our attorneys are experienced litigators and award-winning trial attorneys who have successfully conducted hundreds of trials, ranging from minor traffic and alcohol-related driving offenses to felony sexual assault and first-degree murder.

We have earned the respect of prosecutors and judges in counties throughout the Colorado Front Range. As former prosecutors, our attorneys have the unique ability to analyze your case from the district attorney's perspective. We have insight into how the district attorney will handle your situation, understand what mitigation he or she may or may not consider and are aware of how the D.A. determines the strengths and weaknesses of a case.

We practice law with empathy for our clients and strive to ensure that their constitutional rights are protected. We understand that when you are faced with criminal charges, you often become embroiled in a complicated, confusing and intimidating process that can have immediate and possible long-term effects on your life. Our lawyers are not intimidated by the system. Call us and let us help you untangle the mess.

Contact us today if you have been charged with a crime in Douglas County, Elbert County, Arapahoe County, Denver County, Jefferson County, Adams County, El Paso County or any county across the Colorado Front Range. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our accomplished criminal defense lawyers.

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At Susan Fuller & Associates, P.C., our attorneys have represented individuals facing all types of criminal charges, including:

  • DUI/DWAI/DUID offenses: A conviction on any alcohol-related driving offense, drug-related driving offense or marijuana-related driving offense may result in jail time, fines and the suspension of your driver's license. The DUI and DUID sentencing laws are complex and ever-changing and a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can pose serious consequences.
  • Traffic violations: We handle minor traffic violations such as speeding tickets to more serious charges such as reckless driving, careless driving, careless driving causing injury, driving under suspension, driving under revocation, leaving the scene of an accident and failure to report an accident.
  • Theft and property crimes: If you have been charged with theft, shoplifting, burglary, robbery, fraud or any other property-related crime, you should contact an attorney with our firm immediately.
  • Assault charges: We have successfully defended numerous clients facing misdemeanor assault charges as well as felony assault charges, regarding both strangers and intimate partners.
  • Domestic violence charges and civil protection orders: We have successfully defended numerous clients facing both misdemeanor and felony domestic violence charges and clients facing civil protection orders.
  • Probation violations: If you are accused of violating the terms of your probation or deferred sentence, the potential consequences can be quite serious. We routinely help individuals regarding probation revocations.
  • Juvenile crimes: A poor choice at a young age should not haunt you or your child forever. Pleading guilty to an offense as a juvenile, even a petty offense, may have long-standing ramifications. We will work diligently to protect your child's future.
  • Dependency and neglect: These cases are often complicated by related criminal charges and can be difficult to navigate without an attorney on your side.

Pre-filing Matters and Arrest Warrants

If you are being investigated for criminal charges, you need to consult with an attorney immediately. You should not talk with police or other law enforcement officers. Despite what officers may tell you, they are not there to help you. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have successfully resolved numerous cases at the pre-filing stage, resulting in no charges being filed. If charges are filed against you and a warrant for your arrest is issued, we will work with law enforcement and the district attorney's office to facilitate turning you in on the warrant on your terms to help minimize the impact on your daily life as much as possible.

Recent results:

  • DUI - dismissed
  • Domestic violence - dismissed
  • Cruelty to animals - dismissed
  • Phone threats - dismissed
  • Child abuse injury - deferred sentence lesser charge
  • Juvenile drug possession - dismissed
  • Driver's license revocation alcohol - dismissed at hearing
  • Violation of protection order - dismissed
  • Domestic violence assault - dismissed
  • Driver's license revocation alcohol - dismissed at hearing
  • Felony arson - acquittal at trial
  • Class 3 and 4 felony charges (burglary, conspiracy, assault) - pled to misdemeanor
  • Hit and run - pled to traffic infraction (defective vehicle)
  • Harassment - dismissed
  • Protection order defense - dismissed at hearing
  • Domestic violence - dismissed
  • Assault - dismissed
  • Protection order defense - dismissed at hearing
  • Felony criminal mischief - dismissed
  • Traffic violations - dismissed
  • Child abuse injury - dismissed
  • Minor in possession/consumption of alcohol - dismissed
  • Domestic violence harassment/child abuse - dismissed
  • Felony forgery/identity theft - dismissed prior to filing
  • Assault - acquittal at jury trial
  • Protection order defense - dismissed at hearing
  • Class 3 and 4 felony charges (domestic violence burglary/criminal mischief) - pled to misdemeanor
  • DDUI - pled to 12-month deferred judgment/sentence
  • Felony ID theft probation revocation - dismissed at hearing
  • DUI probation revocation pending for six years – regranted with same terms and conditions
  • DUI – dismissed at Department of Motor Vehicles hearing; deferred judgment/sentence to lesser charge
  • Careless driving – pled to zero-point traffic infraction
  • Careless driving and speeding – pled to one-point traffic infraction
  • Class 4 felony sexual assault on a minor – pled to nonsexual petty offense
  • DUID minor driver – pled to seven-month deferred judgment/sentence
  • DUI second offense – dismissed at DMV hearing; pled to lesser charge
  • Careless driving, leaving scene of accident, failure to report accident – pled to one-point traffic infraction
  • Class 4 felony second-degree assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, obstructing – pled to misdemeanor
  • Assault (DV) – dismissed
  • Class 4 felony second-degree assault (DV), Class 5 felony menacing (DV), trespass – pled to misdemeanor
  • Assault (DV) – dismissed
  • Assault (DV), child abuse – dismissed
  • Class 3 felony sexual assault (pattern) – pled to misdemeanor deferred judgment/sentence
  • Class 4 felony burglary (DV), criminal mischief (DV), harassment (DV) – pled to misdemeanor
  • Class 3 felony first-degree assault – pled to class 3 misdemeanor six-month deferred judgment/sentence
  • Disorderly conduct, trespass – dismissed
  • Felony drug possession – pled to deferred judgment/sentence
  • Probation revocation – dismissed
  • Driving under suspension, fictitious plates, failure to register, no proof of insurance – pled to zero-point traffic infraction
  • Driving under restraint, careless driving – pled to zero-point traffic infraction
  • Driving under restraint, speeding – pled to zero-point traffic infraction
  • Criminal mischief (DV), harassment (DV) – dismissed
  • Careless driving – pled to one-point traffic infraction
  • Animal cruelty – dismissed
  • Speeding – dismissed
  • Pre-filing careless driving, leaving scene of accident, failure to report accident – no charges filed
  • Class 3 felony sexual assault on a child position of trust (pre-filing) – no charges filed

Note: These are real results from recent cases that Susan Fuller & Associates, P.C., has handled. All cases are different. Success in one case does not guarantee success in another. We do not guarantee a certain outcome, as to do so violates the Rules of Professional Responsibility. Results in a case often depend on the facts, whether the client follows our advice and the stage of the proceeding at which our services are retained. Please call us with any questions or for clarification.

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