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The highest priority of every parent going through a divorce is to protect his or her children. The attorneys at Susan Fuller & Associates, P.C. have been representing parents involved in child custody disputes for more than 20 years. We understand that child custody issues are generally the most emotional aspect of a divorce. We handle these issues with great care and sensitivity to help you meet your highest goal: protecting the best interests of your children.

Call For All of Your (Child Custody) and Parenting time (Visitation) Needs

Every case involving children typically involves one or more of the following situations. Contact us to learn more about your rights and obligations in these matters:

  • You have always been the primary caretaker and believe that it is in your child(ren)'s best interest that you remain as such.
  • You are worried that your spouse will ask for an unreasonable amount of child support or, conversely, that he or she will manipulate the numbers to minimize their child support obligations.
  • You need to modify your original custody agreement because of a change such as relocation, or disputes over the quality of parenting your child is receiving.
  • Your former spouse is not complying with the parenting plan and you need help enforcing it.
  • You have children from a non-marital relationship and want to know about your rights.
  • You want to file a paternity action to have a man declared the father of a child for the purpose of establishing parenting rights or child support obligations.
  • You want to file a paternity action to be declared the father of your child in order to establish parenting rights.
  • You want to move out-of-state with your child, or your former spouse wants to move out-of-state with your child and you want to challenge the removal. (This is sometimes referred to as a relocation or a move-away.)

Defending Yourself Against an Order of Protection

You may have been wrongly served with an order of protection or restraining order by a family or household member. In some cases, a spouse or former spouse will request an order of protection in an attempt to seek leverage in a child custody or divorce proceeding.

When used appropriately, an order of protection provides a measure of legal protection to those who need it. When an order of protection is abused, it can be unjust and destructive. Not only does it infringe upon your rights, but also it may appear on your criminal record if you do not take steps to fight it.

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