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Colorado woman faces DUI charges after crash involving sheep

Drivers face a variety of different distractions and obstacles when traveling Colorado roadways. The potential for hazardous conditions due to weather, for example, is well known. However, the majority of drivers are likely unprepared for the presence of a flock of sheep in the roadways. Unfortunately, one woman now faces DUI charges after she allegedly struck a number of sheep that were in the road.

We uphold Colorado people's rights in the face of DUI charges

Facing a serious drunk driving charge? In the face of overwhelming criminal allegations, the urge to concede defeat and plead guilty can be surprisingly strong for many defendants, even if the charges are not appropriate. We understand the long-term implications of a DUI conviction and are committed to helping those accused handle their drunk driving charges in Colorado with as much effectiveness as possible.

Mother, son face felonies for elderly man's death

What began as an investigation into an elderly man's death ultimately led to criminal charges filed against two people. The felonies filed against the two allege that the victim did not die of any natural causes, but instead because of trauma caused by a blunt force object. The mother and son duo were allegedly supposed to be caring for the elderly man in question, prompting Colorado authorities to cite accusations of elder neglect in their arrest affidavit.

Felony charge could land Colorado women behind bars

Multiple banks were allegedly scammed out of thousands of dollars by two women in Colorado. At least one felony charge has been filed in addition to other criminal allegations, including identity theft and criminal impersonation. Authorities believe that the suspected operation might have been going on for some time.

What is considered domestic violence in Colorado?

Most people have not gone to law school and do not follow every single law within their state. Therefore, it isn't uncommon for someone to be accused of a crime in Colorado and not understand how they possibly landed in that situation. This sort of legal surprise could easily happen to someone in the form of a domestic violence charge.

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