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State representative cooperating with police after DUI arrest

A St. Patrick's Day traffic stop ultimately ended in the arrest of a state representative from Colorado. Representative Dan Pabon was apparently only blocks away from state's Capitol building when he was pulled over and subjected to field sobriety tests. He was charged with a DUI and later released to another individual.

Proposed bill aims to make teen sexting a misdemeanor charge

As technology and society change over time, laws adapting to those changing times are often a necessity. After a teen sexting scandal created a number of legal issues for Colorado high school students, lawmakers are considering a bill that could prevent the same problem in the future. The proposed bill would make the act of teen sexting a misdemeanor charge.

Colorado professor charged with 4 felonies

A professor at Western State Colorado University is in police custody after allegedly attempting to a lure a minor on the Internet. He has been charged with four different felonies all related to his suspected sexual misconduct online. However, the individual whom he was engaging with online was not a minor child but, instead, various undercover investigators.

Charged with DUI? Don't plead guilty just yet

There is a certain stigma to being accused of driving while under the influence that is not necessarily attached to other criminal allegations. Because of this, defendants in Colorado sometimes feel compelled to plead guilty to DUI charges that they may otherwise feel are unjust. No one who has been charged with a crime should feel bullied or forced into taking any action that might compromise his or her future.

Colorado bill aims to open up world of felonies interrogation

Currently, law enforcement officials are not required to record interrogations of those suspected of committing a crime. A recent bill aims to change that, seeking to make it a legal requirement  in Colorado for all interrogations related to felonies to be recorded. The bill is still in its fledgling phase, but has a substantial amount of support behind it.

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