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Serious charges filed over excessive force allegations

A Colorado inmate was transferred to a different prison after he was allegedly assaulted by two prison employees. The former prison guard and an officer from the Colorado Department of Corrections are both facing serious charges, including assault and official misconduct. The inmate reportedly suffered a brain injury in what some claim was an act of excessive force.

Don't be overwhelmed by a misdemeanor charge, we make it easy

Movies, TV shows and even the Colorado news all seem to agree on the portrayal of defendants -- they are guilty no matter the circumstances. This depiction is quite damaging and can even result in an individual who is facing a simple misdemeanor charge to give up hope. We understand just how daunting the criminal court can be, which is why we have dedicated our years of experience and knowledge to guiding defendants to the best end possible.

Hefty allegations filed after police say man barricaded in home

Colorado police and a local family are at odds concerning an event that took place in the early hours of the morning. A 30-year-old man is currently in custody on allegations of drug possession, refusing to leave a property after police requested that he do so, and other charges. Three children were also removed from the home.

YouTube video leads to harassment, assault charges for drivers

As dash cams become increasingly popular among Colorado drivers, more and more traffic footage is being uploaded to the popular video streaming website YouTube. Assault charges were recently filed as the result of one such video. The video apparently showed a hit-and-run accident involving a motorcycle and larger motor vehicle, the drivers of which were engaged in a road rage incident with each other.

Woman sentenced to 4 years in prison for theft

When someone has documented mental illness, crimes they commit may seem irrational and unexplainable to those in the judicial system. Often, jail or prison may not be the appropriate place for someone to be if they are facing mental struggles. A recent story about one woman in Colorado describes how she faces four years in prison due to a recent theft charge. Her attorney states that the cause of her actions could be due to her battles with mental illness and diagnosed kleptomania.

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