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Murder charge filed over road rage incident

A Colorado police officer is currently on unpaid leave following what investigators say was an incident of deadly road rage. Facing allegations of vehicular homicide -- a felony murder charge -- he posted his $25,000 bond and is no longer in police custody. Although the officer does not have any criminal history, this is apparently not his first driving-related incident.

Don't face domestic violence charges without our help

Domestic violence can be a difficult topic to discuss due to its understandably sensitive nature. Those facing domestic violence charges often feel frustrated and confused with the system and unsure of how to proceed. Experienced legal representation can minimize these feelings while giving defendants a better chance at achieving the best possible outcome for their personal situations.

Men to face serious charges for Colorado wildfire

Wildfires have spread across portions of Colorado, but the men accused of starting the fire claim the entire thing was nothing more than a tragic accident. Both men are facing serious charges for their alleged involvement with the blaze. At least one of those involved has been on the receiving end of threatening messages from the public via the popular social media website Facebook.

Drunk driving charges expected to be filed in deadly wreck

A Colorado judge recently set bail for a woman accused of striking a bicyclist and then fleeing the scene. Although no charges have officially been filed yet, it is expected that she will face allegations of drunk driving and vehicular homicide. Citing possible flight risks, her bail was set at $200,000.

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