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Teenage student facing felony charge for single-vehicle wreck

A teenage driver has possibly her entire future on the line as she faces some fairly hefty criminal charges. The allegation for vehicular assault -- a felony charge -- stems from a single vehicle accident in which she and her four passengers were all injured. She is also facing additional charges for driving underage passengers without an adult and for reckless driving.

Colorado teacher facing sexual assault charges

A former teacher was arrested by Colorado police after a child accused her of touching her inappropriately. The allegations do not involve any of the students with whom the woman worked. Instead, the sexual assault charges came from a child of family friends.

Advocates call felony DUI sentencing into question

Defendants should be able to expect consistent and reliable outcomes from criminal charges no matter where they are charged or which judge they go before. Unfortunately, some claim this is not the case in Colorado. Alleged drunk drivers charged and convicted with violating the state's new felony DUI laws are facing continually different consequences based on who is doing the sentencing.

Don't wait to act on theft charges -- let us help

Property-related crimes tend to have a reputation for being less serious than other charges, such as drunk driving or assault. While the potential consequences for these types of charges might differ from theft and property crimes, being convicted of any crime can have serious repercussions. Whether accused of theft, shoplifting or crimes related to property, we make sure that our clients understand all of their options.

Sexual assault allegations lead to sheriff's arrest

A Colorado inmate's allegations led to a sheriff being placed on the other side of the law than the one he is usually on. A judge set his bond at $250,000, although, if posted, he must be outfitted with a GPS device in order to ensure that he does not violate an order of protection. His current allegations included at least two felony charges for engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior with an inmate.

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