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2-year-old found in car, mother charged with felony child abuse

Child abuse in Colorado is a complex and serious criminal offense. It can be a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the egregiousness of the abuse and the resulting degree of injury to the child. In a recent arrest in the Denver area, the police have charged a 26-year-old mother with felony child abuse for leaving her 2-year-old boy in her car unattended.

Employees charged with robbery of their own store

Some observers of criminal behavior believe that criminals in Colorado and elsewhere have become lazy and don't take the time to plan a successful robbery or theft like they did in the old days. That may be true about a recent amateurish robbery where an assistant manager and his assistant allegedly robbed their own Family Dollar Store. It apparently was not difficult for the police to quickly gather enough identification information to know the identity of the two culprits.  

Criminal charge of trespass puts landlord in the hot seat

In Colorado, criminal trespass is a crime that has several different degrees of seriousness. Most trespass offenses carry a term of imprisonment as a possible punishment, in addition to a wide range of fines. The criminal charge in a trespass case will therefore depend on the facts and how the prosecutor decides to categorizes those facts.

Trucker who hit and killed state trooper faces criminal charge

There are many vehicular accidents that fall in a borderline area between criminal and mere negligence. Sometimes the police find it difficult to determine where the line is between negligence and criminality with respect to traffic accidents. In a recent case where a Colorado State Patrol trooper was killed by a passing motorist, the authorities have filed a criminal charge of careless driving resulting in death against the driver.

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