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Suspect flees murder charge, but is nabbed after 100 mph chase

A suspect who is being sought by Colorado authorities on a homicide charge would do a lot better by turning himself in as opposed to senselessly driving through city streets and roadways at over 100 mph. If the reports of authorities prove true, the 27-year-old man is now facing more potential punishment by engaging the police in a high-speed chase through two counties. In addition to a murder charge, he now faces additional charges related to the chase.

3 arrested on felony drug charges after traffic stop by deputies

Another traffic stop in Colorado must be carefully investigated by defense counsel to determine whether the arrest of the defendants on drug-related offenses was justified. Based on the press reports, the arrests for felony drug charges are suspicious and may not pass full constitutional muster. However, initial press reports must be themselves viewed suspiciously so that fact collection is always the initial step for defendant's counsel.

Felony DUI conviction carries a substantial prison sentence

A conviction of four or more DUI offenses in Colorado makes the offense a felony. Recently, a man was convicted of felony DUI in Arapahoe County and sentenced to a 12-year prison term plus 3 ½ years on lesser offenses. The defendant also had a conviction on his record for vehicular homicide from a crash that occurred in 1995. The current charge was from an arrest by Aurora police in October 2015.

Domestic dispute results in attempted murder criminal charges

Although incidents of domestic violence may be the foundation of a purported criminal episode, the police may choose to arrest the accused for more serious charges under Colorado law, if the facts justify it. That apparently is the general picture surrounding criminal charges of attempted murder and other violations asserted against a man who was arrested on Christmas Eve after an ongoing series of incidents involving his wife. Boulder County deputies took the man into custody after a 911 call from his wife in which she described his several attempts to grab the steering wheel of their car and cause them to go over a cliff or engage in a head-on collision.

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