Colorado police looking for robbery suspect

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Felonies

Police in Colorado are currently searching for the man believed responsible for holding up a Subway restaurant in Colorado Springs. This incident occurred on Dec. 21. The suspect is said to have brandished a hand-gun during the robbery.

According to recent reports, on Thursday evening, police were called to the Subway located at 1431 N. Academy Boulevard. They claim to have received reports that a man came into the store, allegedly pointed a gun an the employee on duty and demanded money. The employee is said to have complied, and the man left without incident.

The suspect has been described to the public as a tall — roughly 6 foot — thin, black man in his 20s. He is said to have been wearing an orange beanie, a gray sweatshirt and jeans. A K-9 unit reportedly searched the surrounding area shortly after the incident was reported and came up empty handed.

The state of Colorado takes armed robbery cases quite seriously. When the individual believed responsible for this incident is found, arrested and charged, the potential consequences if convicted could include imprisonment and fines — among others. This is the kind of situation that could follow the accused for the rest of his life. While fighting robbery charges will not prove to be an easy feat, doing so in just the right way will be necessary for the accused to protect himself and his current and future interests. An experienced criminal defense attorney will do everything possible to help the client work to achieve the best outcome possible.

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