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Will I go to jail over a first-time DUI offense?

It happened. You were driving home and were pulled over for suspected DUI. You failed a Breathalyzer test and found yourself being placed in police custody. You've been charged with impaired driving for the first time in your life, and now you are worried that you will end up in a Colorado jail for an extended period of time.

Criminal charge filed against teacher accused of child abuse

Feb. 1, the day started out like any other day at Angevine Middle School. The pledge of allegiance was recited over the intercom system, and students were allowed to sit or stand during it -- according to school policy. However, word of a teacher allegedly forcing one student to stand soon reached the ears of administration and parents. The Colorado teacher is now facing a criminal charge of child abuse.

Colorado felonies: Illegal cultivation and manufacturing

Some aspects of certain drug crimes are illegal and subject to both state and federal penalties. For instance, illegal cultivation and manufacturing may be considered felonies according to state and federal laws. How Colorado residents who are accused of such crimes fight their cases could mean the difference between maintaining their freedom and spending years behind bars.

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