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Legal Support In Situations Involving Domestic Violence

The attorneys at Fuller & Ahern, P.C. have successfully handled countless domestic violence cases for individuals living in Parker and throughout the Denver metro area. Victims of domestic violence or domestic abuse can be of any age, race, gender or income level. Our lawyers handle these delicate matters with special care and understand that our clients often need support that goes well beyond the paperwork and courtroom appearances.

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Your Concerns Are Real — Do Not Discount Them

Domestic violence can be overt or subtle. When there are bruises or broken bones, the abuse is obvious. In other cases, people may not even realize that they are victims of domestic violence — financial control, insults and other verbal abuse, isolation and intimidation can all be less obvious signs of domestic abuse.

It is easy to talk yourself out of getting help. You can tell yourself that it is not that bad or it does not happen that often. You may be financially dependent upon the abuser and fearful of the future. The reality is that if you are reading this, your concerns are probably real and legitimate. Do not discount them.

Our family law attorneys help victims of domestic violence by:

  • Obtaining civil protection orders that provide for immediate protection
  • Initiating separation or divorce proceedings for long-term protection
  • Negotiating child custody and visitation solutions that protect children from an unstable or abusive partner
  • Arranging for counseling and support through our large and well-established network of community resources

Has Your Spouse Placed An Unjustified Order Of Protection Against You?

Many divorce attorneys advise their clients to seek an unwarranted civil protection order against their partners to obtain an unfair advantage in the divorce proceedings, especially if the pending divorce is likely to include a dispute over child custody and parenting rights. If you have been served with a temporary civil protection order that you feel is unwarranted, we can help defend you against it and will work diligently to make sure that you maintain the right to parent your child(ren) throughout your divorce and beyond.

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Domestic violence and spousal abuse are serious issues. Our lawyers have helped countless individuals — both victims and those who have been wrongfully accused — get through these difficult situations. Call or email us today to discuss your situation and to find out how we can help you.