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Colorado reality star Richard Wyatt facing serious allegations

Reality show fans in Colorado might already be familiar with Richard Wyatt, star of the American Guns show that aired for approximately one year. Although Wyatt made a name for himself on the popular reality show, he made headlines more recently when he voluntarily surrendered to police. He has since been indicted on multiple criminal allegations.

Sentencing reform bill could actually pass in Congress

Federal legislators have been gridlocked for so many years that many Americans would say the phrase "do-nothing Congress" is redundant. Passing legislation now seems to be the exception rather than the rule, and any bills that do make it through often rely on a one-party majority rather than bipartisan support.

Child pornography laws & the difficult gray area of teen sexting

As most everyone knows, criminal charges related to child pornography are incredibly serious. Individuals convicted of producing, disseminating or being in possession of child pornography may face decades in prison followed by registration as a sex offender.

Understanding differences between 'guilty' and 'no-contest' pleas

Because there are so many police and courtroom dramas on television, most people are familiar with the jargon used in those contexts. But because they are not generally explained, it is easy to misconstrue what many common legal phrases actually mean.

What are 'collateral consequences' in the criminal justice system?

Could you afford to drop all of your obligations, without notice, for a few days? For a week or a month? Could you stop showing up for work, stop taking care of your children and somehow expect everything to be ok when you returned? Most of us would answer: "No way."

On probation, and the pitfalls of this deceiving status

Early last month, we wrote a blog post about the bail system and how a new process for bail could dramatically improve the way we deal with people who are accused of a crime. People are certainly working on it, and hopefully someday soon we will see the fruits of their labor. But in the meantime, we are stuck with a less-than-perfect bail system.

Understanding your rights during a traffic stop: Part II

In today's post, we'll be continuing and concluding a discussion that we started last week. The death of an African-American woman named Sandra Bland has been a national news story lately. Ms. Bland was pulled over for a minor offense, had a negative interaction with the police officer and was arrested rather aggressively. She later died in jail under circumstances that many find suspicious.

Racial profiling part 2: 'It hurts and it's not OK' to fear police

In part 1 of this post, we discussed a recent situation where a 21-year-old man was confronted by four CSPD officers, with guns drawn, because he was trying to break into his own car. That's a lot of force, considering the 911 caller had specifically said the suspect was unarmed, no one was in danger, and he wasn't even sure a crime was even being committed.

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