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Allegations of pot conspiracy: 62 persons, 12 businesses indicted

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has resulted in great financial and social value to the state's residents. At the same time, some paradoxical criminal outcomes have been enhanced. When there are nearby states that do not have the drug legally available, temptation will confront both residents here and in other states. For example, authorities recently announced the indictment of 62 persons and 12 businesses in the Denver area on allegations of violating the marijuana regulations and laws, along with various financial crimes.

Babysitter held on felony charge of child abuse causing death

Colorado has a criminal statute that singles out child abuse offenses. Under the statute, when child abuse results in death the offense can range from a class 3 felony charge up to first degree murder. The difference between the felony classes is determined by the degree of criminal intent of the actor.

Murder charge: teen killed his best friend and friend's mother

A killing committed by a teenager is an adult offense when the accused is 19 years old. Colorado recognizes 18 as the year of adulthood. Thus, anyone 18 or older who faces a murder charge will be dealt with as an adult under the state's criminal justice system.

Suspect arrested regarding robbery at 7 prominent businesses

When police pull someone over and find a note in the operator's car that apparently orders a bank teller to put "all money in drawer, have pistol, stay calm," is that note enough to establish probable cause for arrest? The answer probably varies on a lot of other factors. In Colorado Springs, the police expressed the opinion that the answer is "yes," that such a note was enough for probable cause to arrest a man for bank robbery.

Conviction on felonies means license revocation for the accused

In Colorado and elsewhere, a criminal arrest can have far-reaching consequences for an accused individual. In some instances, the accused may face withdrawal of the required license to practice the person's profession. Generally, a criminal charge will not result in revocation of a license until and if there is a conviction on at least one of the felonies.

Robbery suspects accused of targeting numerous businesses

When a string of armed robberies is committed in Colorado by a group of masked suspects, defense counsel will investigate the facts of each incident in detail. Counsel will probe the circumstances of each alleged robbery and the surrounding facts thoroughly to determine the existence of potential defenses. At the same time, as the investigation proceeds, counsel will evaluate and discuss with the accused whether plea negotiations would be more appropriate.

Suspect flees murder charge, but is nabbed after 100 mph chase

A suspect who is being sought by Colorado authorities on a homicide charge would do a lot better by turning himself in as opposed to senselessly driving through city streets and roadways at over 100 mph. If the reports of authorities prove true, the 27-year-old man is now facing more potential punishment by engaging the police in a high-speed chase through two counties. In addition to a murder charge, he now faces additional charges related to the chase.

3 arrested on felony drug charges after traffic stop by deputies

Another traffic stop in Colorado must be carefully investigated by defense counsel to determine whether the arrest of the defendants on drug-related offenses was justified. Based on the press reports, the arrests for felony drug charges are suspicious and may not pass full constitutional muster. However, initial press reports must be themselves viewed suspiciously so that fact collection is always the initial step for defendant's counsel.

Employees charged with robbery of their own store

Some observers of criminal behavior believe that criminals in Colorado and elsewhere have become lazy and don't take the time to plan a successful robbery or theft like they did in the old days. That may be true about a recent amateurish robbery where an assistant manager and his assistant allegedly robbed their own Family Dollar Store. It apparently was not difficult for the police to quickly gather enough identification information to know the identity of the two culprits.  

Burglary allegations lead to arrest of 2 men, 1 woman

It is easy to read a news article about the arrest of people accused of crime and make a quick judgment that the arrested persons are guilty. Of course, that is against the foundational premise of our criminal justice system, both of our nation and of the state of Colorado, which provide a presumption of innocence of any criminal allegations until proved guilty. For most people, however, it is normal and natural to simply accept what one reads without imprinting the idea of innocence or requiring any more proof than what appears in the press.

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