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Confused by a burglary charge?

There are several types of criminal charges that are widely misunderstood by the public, and some defendants are surprised by the types of allegations that they face after being arrested. Burglary charges are one of the most commonly misunderstood criminal allegations. Many people in Colorado believe that burglary refers to the theft of another person's property, when this is not actually the case.

Teenage student facing felony charge for single-vehicle wreck

A teenage driver has possibly her entire future on the line as she faces some fairly hefty criminal charges. The allegation for vehicular assault -- a felony charge -- stems from a single vehicle accident in which she and her four passengers were all injured. She is also facing additional charges for driving underage passengers without an adult and for reckless driving.

Sexual assault allegations lead to sheriff's arrest

A Colorado inmate's allegations led to a sheriff being placed on the other side of the law than the one he is usually on. A judge set his bond at $250,000, although, if posted, he must be outfitted with a GPS device in order to ensure that he does not violate an order of protection. His current allegations included at least two felony charges for engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior with an inmate.

Apparent counterfeit Broncos merchandise yields serious charges

Alleged counterfeit merchandise for the NFL Broncos is at the center of a criminal case against four Colorado men. The men face several different serious charges, including money laundering and racketeering. One of the accused is a former lieutenant who served with a Colorado-area police department.

Murder charge filed over road rage incident

A Colorado police officer is currently on unpaid leave following what investigators say was an incident of deadly road rage. Facing allegations of vehicular homicide -- a felony murder charge -- he posted his $25,000 bond and is no longer in police custody. Although the officer does not have any criminal history, this is apparently not his first driving-related incident.

Men to face serious charges for Colorado wildfire

Wildfires have spread across portions of Colorado, but the men accused of starting the fire claim the entire thing was nothing more than a tragic accident. Both men are facing serious charges for their alleged involvement with the blaze. At least one of those involved has been on the receiving end of threatening messages from the public via the popular social media website Facebook.

Serious charges filed over excessive force allegations

A Colorado inmate was transferred to a different prison after he was allegedly assaulted by two prison employees. The former prison guard and an officer from the Colorado Department of Corrections are both facing serious charges, including assault and official misconduct. The inmate reportedly suffered a brain injury in what some claim was an act of excessive force.

Woman sentenced to 4 years in prison for theft

When someone has documented mental illness, crimes they commit may seem irrational and unexplainable to those in the judicial system. Often, jail or prison may not be the appropriate place for someone to be if they are facing mental struggles. A recent story about one woman in Colorado describes how she faces four years in prison due to a recent theft charge. Her attorney states that the cause of her actions could be due to her battles with mental illness and diagnosed kleptomania.

Serious charges filed against university football players

Police in Colorado arrested two college football players on allegations related to theft at their university. Each player is facing serious charges, and both have been suspended from team-related activities for the foreseeable future. This is a typical reaction from many university sport teams, and it is in no way an indication of the guilt of either party.

Woman charged in deadly parade crash said to have mental illness

It appears that a woman accused of intentionally driving her car into a college homecoming parade, killing four people and injuring several more, is considering pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. For now, the woman has pleaded not guilty to four counts of second-degree murder and more than 40 counts of assault and battery.

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