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Teacher facing serious charges for relationship with student

A Colorado teacher is currently in police custody on allegations that he had inappropriate contact with a minor student. His arrest was prompted by the student's mother, who informed police of a possible relationship between the two. Although the exact criminal allegations he is facing have not yet been made clear, the teacher will likely have to contend with some serious charges.

Felonies could be filed against sexting teens

Sexting among teens has become a nationwide concern, prompting some Colorado lawmakers to consider a bill that would lower the criminal consequences for teenagers mutually exchanging nude pictures. Soon after that bill was defeated, police launched an investigation against multiple teenagers who were allegedly sending explicit pictures of themselves. Since the bill addressing teen sexting penalties failed to pass, the middle and high school students who are being investigated could be charged with felonies.

Colorado professor charged with 4 felonies

A professor at Western State Colorado University is in police custody after allegedly attempting to a lure a minor on the Internet. He has been charged with four different felonies all related to his suspected sexual misconduct online. However, the individual whom he was engaging with online was not a minor child but, instead, various undercover investigators.

Colorado bill aims to open up world of felonies interrogation

Currently, law enforcement officials are not required to record interrogations of those suspected of committing a crime. A recent bill aims to change that, seeking to make it a legal requirement  in Colorado for all interrogations related to felonies to be recorded. The bill is still in its fledgling phase, but has a substantial amount of support behind it.

Colorado man faces attempted murder charge following dispute

Owning a house is one of many parts of the American dream. Many in Colorado dream of living lives of peace on plots of land that they own. Unfortunately, even those who live in houses they own find that they are unable to live peacefully due to the actions of their neighbors. Disputes often arise for a variety of reasons but rarely result in criminal charges. That was not the case for one man after a recent argument with his neighbors; he is now facing an attempted murder charge.

Colorado homeowner could face murder charge after robbery

The victim of a terrifying robbery could possibly have to contend with criminal charges in the near future. Colorado police are considering filing a murder charge against the victim, who they say shot the man who tied him up inside of his home. While community reaction has been largely in support of the victim, some believe that the language of the law might not be quite as sympathetic to his actions.

Colorado police file felonies against man accused of arson

A Colorado man is facing criminal charges for an act that he claims to only have dreamed of, with no recollection of ever acting on it. His charges currently include multiple felonies as well as one misdemeanor count for a fire that caused serious damage to his mother's home. According to police, four dogs were also killed because of the fire.

Felony charge dismissed, local nurse relieved

The criminal court system demands that each and every defendant be presumed innocent unless a prosecutor is able to establish by a strict measure of proof that all aspects of a charge are not only viable but also true. Not only may a defendant be found not guilty at the conclusion of trial court proceedings, but it is also possible for criminal charges to be dismissed entirely. The latter was the case for a Colorado woman who was facing a felony charge for allegedly embezzling funds from a local group.

Felony charge filed against psychic who allegedly scammed client

Police in Colorado claim that a local psychic could not foresee her own future after her alleged activity led to an arrest. A felony charge for theft was filed after accusations that she had scammed approximately $200,000 from a single client came to light. That client is a Lacoste family member, which runs and owns a popular brand of clothing known for both its quality and price tag.

Veteran facing serious charges after hit-and-run accident

A lot is at stake for a retired Army colonel who currently faces some rather hefty accusations. His charges include multiple counts of drunk driving, vehicular homicide and other fairly serious charges that could lead to decades spent behind bars. Currently out on $500,000 bail, he is set to return to court soon in order to attend a preliminary hearing regarding his charges.

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