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DUI suspect accused of assault after officer has heart attack

DUI suspects in Colorado and elsewhere can occasionally be disruptive and uncooperative. The lessening of inhibitions can carry through to interfere with the orderly apprehension and processing of a highly inebriated person. Often DUI suspects who act up are suffering intensified emotional disturbances in addition to inebriation.

Colorado man accused of drunk driving following collision

Facing accusations for driving under the influence of alcohol is stressful and even intimidating. When a car accident is involved, the situation can quickly become more challenging to overcome. A conviction of this nature can be detrimental to one's future, often including time behind bars. A man was recently arrested and accused of drunk driving after allegedly rear-ending a police cruiser in Colorado.

Hit-and-run, DUI charges for man who crashed, ran from police

Driving under the influence in Colorado is a serious criminal charge that can take away a person's rights and result in a prison sentence in some cases. One who is convicted of DUI charges may have a relatively easy experience in the punishment phase if it is a first offense and if no personal injury or property damage has occurred. Sometimes, however, the accused increases the crisis by engaging in actions after being stopped or apprehended that bring additional charges and may exacerbate the seriousness of the incident.

DUI felony offense not yet fully evaluated for success

Colorado did not have a felony penalty for driving drunk until the legislature passed a law in 2015. Under the law, anyone who is arrested for DUI who already has three or more convictions for that offense on their record will face a felony DUI charge and the possibility of a significant prison sentence. The severity of those prior offenses are generally evaluated at sentencing to determine the severity of the punishment.

Felony DUI conviction carries a substantial prison sentence

A conviction of four or more DUI offenses in Colorado makes the offense a felony. Recently, a man was convicted of felony DUI in Arapahoe County and sentenced to a 12-year prison term plus 3 ½ years on lesser offenses. The defendant also had a conviction on his record for vehicular homicide from a crash that occurred in 1995. The current charge was from an arrest by Aurora police in October 2015.

Is a breath test refusal an automatic guilty?

There is no such thing as an automatic guilty in criminal law, although many defendants facing DUI charges often feel as if they have few options. This is especially true when a defendant's breath test refusal is brought up. However, with the severe consequences that can come with a DUI conviction, leaving a conviction up to chance is not a possibility.

Advocates call felony DUI sentencing into question

Defendants should be able to expect consistent and reliable outcomes from criminal charges no matter where they are charged or which judge they go before. Unfortunately, some claim this is not the case in Colorado. Alleged drunk drivers charged and convicted with violating the state's new felony DUI laws are facing continually different consequences based on who is doing the sentencing.

Current DUI consequences might not be helping anyone

On top of losing access to driving privileges, the consequences for a drunk driving conviction can range from fines to jail time. However, putting someone behind bars for a DUI might not actually be as effective as it was previously believed to be. Instead, experts are suggesting alternative methods that could not only help make Colorado roads safer but could also keep those convicted of drunk driving out of jail.

Felony DUI charges increase under Colorado's new law

Changing Colorado laws have recently led to higher arrest numbers for those suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. Nearly one hundred felony DUI charges are being filed every month, and the increased number of arrests is not all. The potential penalties of these felony DUIs are even stricter.

Results of blood draw could lead to drunk driving charges

Multiple parked vehicles were involved in a car accident that ultimately led to a woman's arrest. Although the driver has not officially been charged for drunk driving, Colorado authorities suspect that alcohol might have influenced the wreck. She is currently still in police custody on various allegations, including restraining order and bond condition allegations.

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