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Drunk driving charges expected to be filed in deadly wreck

A Colorado judge recently set bail for a woman accused of striking a bicyclist and then fleeing the scene. Although no charges have officially been filed yet, it is expected that she will face allegations of drunk driving and vehicular homicide. Citing possible flight risks, her bail was set at $200,000.

Felony DUI files charged after apparent hit-and-run wreck

An accident involving a Colorado police officer led to the arrest of a 30-year-old driver. Attending officers allege that the woman was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the wreck. She is currently facing multiple charges, including a felony DUI.

Is it possible to avoid the penalties of a DUI?

The penalties for a drunk driving conviction in Colorado are steep and have the potential for a serious, detrimental impact on the individual's future. While it is possible to effectively confront these charges with a strong defense strategy, it is important for drivers to know their rights and options after an arrest. Many people facing DUI charges do not know that pleading guilty is far from the only option.

Driver charged with DUI by Colorado police

An alleged hit-and-run wreck prompted Colorado police to start a pursuit that ended in one woman's arrest. Police eventually caught up with the driver, who was later charged with a drug-related DUI among other charges. She is currently no longer in police custody, although it is not exactly clear what her bail might have been.

State representative cooperating with police after DUI arrest

A St. Patrick's Day traffic stop ultimately ended in the arrest of a state representative from Colorado. Representative Dan Pabon was apparently only blocks away from state's Capitol building when he was pulled over and subjected to field sobriety tests. He was charged with a DUI and later released to another individual.

Charged with DUI? Don't plead guilty just yet

There is a certain stigma to being accused of driving while under the influence that is not necessarily attached to other criminal allegations. Because of this, defendants in Colorado sometimes feel compelled to plead guilty to DUI charges that they may otherwise feel are unjust. No one who has been charged with a crime should feel bullied or forced into taking any action that might compromise his or her future.

Number of DUI charges likely skyrocketed over Super Bowl weekend

Football fans in Colorado recently celebrated the Super Bowl, and a good percentage of viewers likely drank alcohol during the celebrations. Because of increased alcohol consumption, police were out in force over the big weekend with their eyes peeled for possible drunk drivers. However, with so many additional officers on the streets specifically looking for people to charge with a DUI, it is possible that some charges might be unfounded.

Independent lab finds flaws in Colorado's blood tests for DUI

Law enforcement in Colorado is no stranger to faulty blood testing in DUI cases. In 2013 the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment was shut down after blood testing was found to be biased against defendants and staff was found to be poorly trained to handle blood samples.

Woman suspected of drunk driving after landing in Loveland Lake

In the time leading up to the end of another year, the number of drivers on Colorado roadways increases, and, unfortunately, so does the number of intoxicated drivers. During the holidays, there are just so many different reasons for consuming alcohol, and some people fail to appoint designated drivers to get them home safely. A woman who is suspected of drunk driving was recently arrested after being rescued from Loveland Lake.

Colorado woman faces DUI charges after crash involving sheep

Drivers face a variety of different distractions and obstacles when traveling Colorado roadways. The potential for hazardous conditions due to weather, for example, is well known. However, the majority of drivers are likely unprepared for the presence of a flock of sheep in the roadways. Unfortunately, one woman now faces DUI charges after she allegedly struck a number of sheep that were in the road.

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