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When To File An Additional Claim With Your Insurer

When another person’s negligence causes an accident, you may file a claim against his or her insurer. However, the amount provided may be inadequate depending on your damages. In these instances, you may be entitled to file a claim with your own insurer.

At Fuller & Ahern, P.C. our lawyers will help you analyze your case to determine whether you are eligible for additional compensation. By providing honest and realistic expectations, we can help you make informed decisions every step of the way — and ensure that your own insurer meets its obligations to you.

When Insurers Act In Bad Faith

The insurance industry is an important safety net. It is in place to assist individuals who endure unexpected calamities — car accidents, home break-ins and the like — and, in theory, one’s insurer will provide financial relief for medical bills, property damage and related concerns.

However, matters often don’t work out so simply. Insurance companies frequently delay payment, seek to underpay claims or unreasonably deny claims outright. Indeed, they have a vested interest in dispersing as little money as possible to accident victims, even to their own insureds, as the less they pay, the more profitable the insurance company will be.

The attorneys at Fuller & Ahern, P.C. know how to fight back. We know the tactics insurers employ to pay out as little as possible. And we understand how important it is to personalize each client’s story and to assert their legal rights and individual needs. Our lawyers have resolved countless personal injury cases stemming from a broad range of incidents and work hard to secure fair and full compensation for our clients’ needs.

Is Your Insurance Company Engaging In Bad-Faith Actions?

Insurance companies are legally obligated to act in good faith with their clients. All too often, however, insurers will act in bad faith. In these instances, you may be able to file a lawsuit and seek punitive damages against your own insurance company.

There are two primary forms of bad faith actions that insurance companies engage in:

  • First-party bad faith: The insurance company refuses to pay a claim covered under the policy you purchased.
  • Third-party bad faith: You are involved in an accident and your insurance company fails to defend you.

Both scenarios can leave you facing significant financial hardships. At Fuller & Ahern, P.C. we will take the necessary steps to hold to account insurers acting in bad faith. No matter the complexity of your case, we have the experience to guide you toward a successful outcome.

Helping You Get The Compensation You Deserve

Suffering an accident is hard enough. Facing an unscrupulous insurance company adds significant strain. Let our attorneys advocate for your needs by standing up to the insurance companies on your behalf.

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