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Driving without a license can be a big deal

Walking out the door without one's wallet is something that most people have done -- it happens. If one is pulled over for a traffic violation and cannot produce his or her valid driver's license, a ticket will likely be issued. It is a whole different ball game if one is purposely driving without a license, is driving with an invalid license or is operating a vehicle on a suspended license. Colorado residents in this position may face penalties that are far more severe than a ticket.

What are the penalties for driving without a license or with a suspended or otherwise invalid license? These are known as willful violations. Every state treats such offenses a bit differently, but generally speaking, one's car may be impounded, driving privileges may be completely revoked, and one may even end up spending time behind bars -- among others consequences.

DUI offenses in Colorado will soon be categorized

After a new law becomes effective this month, every DUI conviction will have a $24 surcharge added. This will contribute to the gathering of information to produce the report on different types of DUI cases that are recorded in Colorado. Authorities say having a breakdown showing the numbers of alcohol, marijuana and other drug-related DUI offenses is important.

House Bill 1315 will allow improved analysis of statistics related to impaired driving on state roads. Up to now, records reflect a lump sum of DUI arrests, but a state legislator wants separate numbers for the different categories. Traveling on I-25, drivers can see a display of the road fatalities caused by impairment so far in 2017, but authorities believe it will have more impact if that information specifies the number of deaths caused by alcohol, marijuana and other drugs.

Arrests made, charges filed in Colorado robbery string

When a violent crime occurs, police and community members are often desperate for answers. However, answers -- in the form of arrests and charges -- made without sufficient evidence will not provide community members with a sense of peace. For example, it is unclear what evidence supports the recent arrests of four men in connection to a Colorado robbery string.

The alleged incidents occurred in May and June and cover six robberies or attempted robberies. The defendants include two cousins, ages 21 and 19, a 38-year-old man and a 28-year-old man. Among the four of them, they face over 92 counts.

Assault charges filed after Colorado bartender injured

Those who are facing criminal charges in Colorado and other areas of the country often face significant consequences if convicted. Unfortunately, many are not prepared to fully defend themselves. Reports indicate that one man could spend several decades in prison if he is convicted of the attempted murder and assault charges he currently faces.

The charges stem from an alleged incident involving a bartender. Police claim that surveillance footage shows a man wearing a black shirt, red shorts and a baseball cap entering a bar. The man reportedly ordered several drinks and was ultimately left alone with the female bartender after several other customers left.

Breath tests used in drunk driving cases

Law enforcement officers in Colorado and elsewhere go through specific training in order to perform sobriety testing on those who are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. One test that is used in drunk driving cases is the breath test. What is this and how does it work?

If one is pulled over by police for suspected impairment, he or she will likely be asked to give a breath sample. The officer will supply a little portable machine in order for one to provide the requested sample. While it may not look like much, there is a lot going on inside that machine, and it all happens in a relatively short time frame.

2 teens accused of several robberies, other serious charges

Colorado Springs police recently arrested two teenagers accused of carrying out an intensive crime spree for the past few weeks. They allegedly participated in a string of robberies using stolen cars, and were also accused of attempted murder and other serious charges. One of the suspects is 18 years old, but the other is 16 and apparently under the jurisdiction at this time of the juvenile court.

Police say the two escaped from custody in the past and were wanted also on escape charges. The crimes allegedly extended into Denver and other jurisdictions, police say. Teen crime sprees often have a drug addiction component to them. That may be a factor in these allegations because one of the agencies involved in the investigation is the metro vice narcotics unit, according to press reports.

Allegations of pot conspiracy: 62 persons, 12 businesses indicted

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has resulted in great financial and social value to the state's residents. At the same time, some paradoxical criminal outcomes have been enhanced. When there are nearby states that do not have the drug legally available, temptation will confront both residents here and in other states. For example, authorities recently announced the indictment of 62 persons and 12 businesses in the Denver area on allegations of violating the marijuana regulations and laws, along with various financial crimes.

The gist of the charges is that organized criminal enterprises have been operating in Colorado for the sole purpose of exporting marijuana illegally to other states. The authorities have identified and arrested those associated with what they allege to be the largest enterprise growing illegal pot for export since the law was passed in 2012. They allege that the enterprise produced more than 100 pounds of illegal pot each month for shipment to nearby states.

DUI suspect accused of assault after officer has heart attack

DUI suspects in Colorado and elsewhere can occasionally be disruptive and uncooperative. The lessening of inhibitions can carry through to interfere with the orderly apprehension and processing of a highly inebriated person. Often DUI suspects who act up are suffering intensified emotional disturbances in addition to inebriation.

Many different and bizarre tales exist regarding the spectacles carried out by accused DUI defendants. In one Colorado incident recently, a man who was stopped under suspicion of driving a scooter while under the influence of alcohol did not cooperate with Edgewater police officers. The authorities allege that the suspect fought officers as they were trying to take him into custody.

Police: Man resisted arrest attempts regarding protective order

In Colorado as well as elsewhere, the police must struggle with domestic violence and family discordance issues daily. Sometimes, these matters turn nasty after the police are called to quell a disturbance or to enforce an existing protective order. Recently, police arrested a man who allegedly barricaded himself and resisted police prior to being taken into custody on domestic violence charges.

Colorado Springs police allegedly tried to execute an arrest warrant on the 32-year-old man for violation of a protective order, child abuse and assault in the second degree. The suspect, however, refused to cooperate and leave the home, per police reports. Instead, police say that he barricaded himself inside while police yelled to him to surrender.               

Felony menacing charged against speeding semi-trailer driver

Many criminal charges are lodged against motorists for assaultive or threatening behavior in Colorado as well as throughout the country. One unusual incident recently resulted in the felony arrest of a 45-year-old man in Weld County. The man allegedly was driving a semi-trailer and apparently sped through a construction zone twice, to the consternation of the construction workers at the site.

On the second drive through, a worker allegedly recognized the vehicle and tried to slow the driver down, only to be "flipped off" by the speeding driver. That worker and a co-worker then decided to follow the semi-trailer, allegedly to obtain the information to report to police. They found the vehicle parked on the side of a road not far from the construction site.

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