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Woman suspected of drunk driving after landing in Loveland Lake


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In the time leading up to the end of another year, the number of drivers on Colorado roadways increases, and, unfortunately, so does the number of intoxicated drivers. During the holidays, there are just so many different reasons for consuming alcohol, and some people fail to appoint designated drivers to get them home safely. A woman who is suspected of drunk driving was recently arrested after being rescued from Loveland Lake.

According to an accident report, a couple of teenagers were driving in Loveland late on a recent Saturday evening when they noticed a vehicle leaving the roadway and landing in the lake. They reportedly pulled over, and without hesitation, an 18-year-old man entered the freezing water to help the occupants of the car. He reportedly had to break the window because he could not open the door.

After pulling the driver out of the car and swimming her to shore, the other teen challenged the icy water to see if there were more people trapped in the vehicle. No one was found, and a dive team later confirmed that the 22-year-old woman was the only occupant. Emergency workers transported her to a hospital.

It was reported that this Colorado driver will now be facing a drunk driving charge. Retaining the services of an experienced DUI defense attorney would be an appropriate step to take. After assessing the circumstances and available evidence, a lawyer can ensure that the suspected drunk driver is treated fairly and impartially through all proceedings. She will remain innocent until the prosecutors can prove her guilty of the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source:, “Woman rescued from car sinking in frigid Lake Loveland suspected of driving drunk“, Anica Padilla, Dec. 2, 2015

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