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How can I show that a premises was dangerous?

If you have been injured on a private premises, whether it is a friend's home or a shopping mall, to make a successful claim for damages you will need to show that the property had dangerous conditions that led to your injuries. This sounds simple, but it can sometimes be challenging to show a clear link between unsafe conditions and the cause of your accident.

You should make sure that you consider whether you are likely to have a viable claim before taking action. You can do this by first understanding how liability is determined when there is an accusation of dangerous conditions.

What are the risks associated with cellphones and driving?

There are now some restrictions pertaining to the use of phones when driving unless you are doing so with the help of hands-free technology. You may be wondering why this is the case, especially if you have recently been involved in a car accident.

In Colorado, it's illegal to use phones for the purpose of text messaging when operating a vehicle, apart from when there is an emergency. This is because there are certain dangers associated with texting and driving. It is important that you make yourself aware of the types of dangers associated with phone use, as you may be able to incorporate this as part of your claim for damages.

Coping with sexual assault in a hospital

Sexual assault is something that most people think of as confined to back alleys, bars, isolated streets at night -- not the supposed safety of a hospital room.

Yet, sexual assault and rape can occur all-too-easily in a hospital setting -- especially when the victim is physically incapacitated or suffering from dementia from age or illness.

Dealing with a third-offense DUI in Colorado

If you have been charged with a DUI in the past, you will know about how the consequences of the offense can have the ability to severely impact your life. Therefore, it is likely that you will want to do what you can to minimize the charges to and make sure that you never face a DUI charge again.

It's important that you take action to fully understand the law in Colorado if you are subject to criminal charges. This will help you explore possible defense options and prepare both from a logistical and emotional perspective.

How do Colorado courts award child custody?

If you’re a parent headed toward divorce, you’re likely stressed by the question of child custody. You want to have time and healthy relationships with your children, and you want to make sure the court recognizes what’s really in their best interests.

In Colorado, the courts use the term “parental responsibilities” instead of “custody,” and they try to rule in favor of your children’s best interests. In most cases, Colorado law directs the courts to make sure the children have frequent contact with both parents. And it encourages parents to set aside their conflicts in favor of shared decision-making and support.

Steps you can take after workplace sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace puts you on edge, it violates your rights and it makes you feel simultaneously nervous and furious. This just gets worse if you feel like the human resources department is not taking your allegations seriously. You don't want this to happen anymore, but you're not sure what steps to take.

First of all, make sure that you document everything that you can. Understand that you need to present as strong of a case as possible. The other party may deny that you're telling the truth, and backing your story up with facts and records helps tremendously.

Swimming pools can lead to premises liability claims

Summer comes later to Parker than to other areas of the country, but it appears the warmer temperatures are here at last. With schools letting out for the summer vacation and the mercury rising, many kids will be looking for ways to cool off.

That often leads children to explore their neighbor's pools and spas for a quick, unsupervised dip. Sadly, some of these forays can result in accidental drownings.

Study connects marijuana use to car accidents

When recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado, one thing that detractors pointed out was that they thought it may cause more car accidents. If people used marijuana more often, wouldn't it stand to reason that some of them would get behind the wheel, just like people do after drinking alcohol? It may be illegal, but it still happens.

Well, that argument has a bit more fuel now, as a recent study did connect marijuana use with a rise in accidents in the state. Since marijuana was legalized, the total amount of accidents in Colorado has gone up by roughly 10%.

Breathalyzer inaccuracies as a DUI defense

Being charged with a DUI in Colorado can have a huge impact on a person's life. If convicted, it means the defendant will no longer be able to get to work easily, and this can limit their earning potential. This is why those who believe they have been wrongly charged with a DUI due to a faulty breathalyzer test should take action to defend themselves.

Breathalyzer tests are known for their convenience, and officers often rely on them to make the decision about whether or not a driver is actually impaired. However, breathalyzer tests can also be deeply flawed -- and nobody should be convicted due to a test that's inaccurate.

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