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Study reveals data on drunk driving in Colorado

Colorado recently enacted legislation designed to track impaired driving in the state. The measure, which came after a sharp spike in roadway deaths in recent years, has now produced its first sets of data -- and the information is illuminating.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the study on those charged with driving under the influence, or DUI:

  1. Men are the overwhelming offenders. They represent almost three-fourths of all DUI defendants.
  2. Young men are the most common defendants. While defendants ranged from teenagers to the elderly, males in their 20s were charged in almost 30 percent of cases.
  3. Alcohol, not drugs, is the big problem. Officers don't always test for drugs use -- especially if alcohol use is already evident.
  4. Marijuana is the other intoxicate most commonly found in drivers, but it only shows up in a little over 6 percent of cases.
  5. Repeat offenders are distressingly common. Around 38 percent of those charged already had a previous DUI conviction on their records.

The sexual harassment problem in the photojournalism industry

The issue of sexual harassment is well-known within the photojournalism industry but has always been swept under the rug. Female photojournalists face institutional sexism so deep that many have accepted it as just a part of the profession. However, the problem has been brought to the forefront of the public eye recently.

It started when the deputy director of photography, Patrick Witty, left National Geographic after a sexual harassment investigation. Soon after, the industry’s dark secret was unveiled in a scathing report. The Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) released a massive exposé on rampant sexual abuse and harassment in photojournalism. The CJR investigation interviewed more than 50 photojournalists who have experienced unwanted advances, sexual comments and even assault from their colleagues and editors at work.

Can you evade a wrong-way driver?

Wrong-way driving incidents happen when a driver gets confused about a highway on-ramp and ends up driving against traffic. It's a terrifying mistake for any driver to make -- but equally terrifying for other drivers on the road.

Do you know what to do if you encounter a wrong-way driver? Knowing these few simple steps may save your life:

Why sexual harassment and assault victims hesitate to seek help

Sexual harassment and assault victims have recently found a community and a collective voice, thanks largely to the #MeToo movement. However, the fact that it has taken so long to happen -- despite the alarming number of victims out there -- illustrates just how often victims choose to suffer in silence rather than seek help.

Psychologists say that there are a number of reasons that victims don't immediately step forward after experiencing sexual harassment or assault.

Workplace sexual harassment in commercial real estate

Many women in the field of commercial real estate face sexual harassment on the job, according to a recent survey.

The survey was of over 600 women who work in this real estate field. They were from the U.S. and Canada.

Survivors around the nation continue to say, “Me too.”

The “me too.” movement began in 2006, gaining momentum in recent years to create a roar among millions of sexual harassment and abuse survivors. The movement helps victims of sexual abuse and harassment find support as a community and access to resources for help. The #metoo hashtag became viral on social media in 2017. The internationally-used hashtag empowered men and women with a platform to voice their own painful experiences.

Not only did the “me too.” movement affect individuals, it shifted national attention to sexual violence. Millions of “me too.” supporters continue to push for positive change in workplaces, Hollywood, college campuses and any place where people feel unsafe from unwanted sexual advances.

19-year-old may be charged with DUI

A 19-year-old Colorado resident has found himself in trouble with the law. He is said to have caused a car accident that resulted in him and his passenger suffering injuries. The driver of the other vehicle is said to be okay. Police are still investigating this incident, but they say a DUI charge is expected in this case.

According to a recent news report, the accused was operating his vehicle while traveling eastbound on Constitution and attempted a left-hand turn right in front of a car traveling westbound. The two vehicles collided. The accused suffered a head injury -- minor in nature. His passenger ended up with a broken leg.

Did a failed field sobriety test result in a DUI charge?

Police officers in Colorado are frequently on the lookout for those who may be operating their vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Those suspected are typically pulled over and asked to participate in field sobriety testing. A failed test could result in a DUI charge.

There are, currently, only three standard field sobriety tests. These are the one-leg stand, the walk and turn and the horizontal gaze nystagmus. There are several others out there, but they are not deemed as accurate as these, which is why these are considered the gold standard for detecting impairment.

A shoplifting charge can be more serious than you think

Theft is a crime that is not taken lightly in the state of Colorado. There are varying degrees of theft, leaving some people to believe that certain types of stealing really aren't a big deal. Shoplifting is a great example of this. If you are accused of shoplifting, you may find the charges against you to be more serious than you thought possible.

To be convicted on a shoplifting charge, two specific elements have to exist in your case. These two elements are that you took possession of store merchandise and you did it with the intent of taking it from the store without paying for it. Intent is the hardest part to prove. Anyone who goes into a store and places an item in a cart or shopping bag has technically taken possession of it. It is what they do after the fact that can land them in legal trouble.

Colorado man facing criminal charges

A Colorado man was recently taken into police custody for allegedly refusing to let a woman leave his apartment. The criminal charges filed against him are reportedly many. If convicted, the consequences could be quite severe.

According to local news report, police received a call from a friend of a woman who was allegedly being kept from leaving the home of the accused. The evening of Feb. 19, police responded to the Encore at First and Main apartment complex to investigate the situation. When they arrived on scene, the woman was no longer in the apartment. She was outside and told police that the accused was still in his home. Upon police request, he came out without incident.

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