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Teacher facing serious charges for relationship with student


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A Colorado teacher is currently in police custody on allegations that he had inappropriate contact with a minor student. His arrest was prompted by the student’s mother, who informed police of a possible relationship between the two. Although the exact criminal allegations he is facing have not yet been made clear, the teacher will likely have to contend with some serious charges.

The 40-year-old teacher allegedly sent text messages to the student’s phone making various requests. In some, he is believed to have asked the student to engage in sexual intercourse with him. In others, he supposedly requested that she send him explicit pictures. Police believe that the student may have complied with the latter request.

One of the texts apparently asked that the student not resist him when he touched her, leading authorities to believe that the exchange was not simply through text messages. The student stated that the teacher began flirting with her during the school year and, in April 2016, supposedly made inappropriate physical contact with her. The teacher denied that he ever made physical contact with the student. Instead, he insists that the only thing that transpired between the two were the text messages.

The school has placed the teacher on leave as the investigation into the alleged relationship continues. Criminal allegations regarding minors can have severe consequences for Colorado defendants if a conviction is achieved. When dealing with these types of serious charges, it is often a good idea to begin addressing different possible defense strategies in as timely a manner as possible.

Source:, “Arrest Papers: Mother Discovers Alleged Relationship Between Teacher, Daughter“, April 21, 2016

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