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Employees charged with robbery of their own store


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Some observers of criminal behavior believe that criminals in Colorado and elsewhere have become lazy and don’t take the time to plan a successful robbery or theft like they did in the old days. That may be true about a recent amateurish robbery where an assistant manager and his assistant allegedly robbed their own Family Dollar Store. It apparently was not difficult for the police to quickly gather enough identification information to know the identity of the two culprits.

When the store’s assistant manager and another employee walked into the store recently and bound two employees who were on duty, they absconded with a substantial amount of goods and an unknown amount of money. The victims, however, gave enough information to the police that the matter was easily solved. The assistant manager made it easier when he returned to the scene a little bit later and was immediately arrested by authorities. All the money and other items were found at the assistant manager’s house.

Victims described the other perpetrator and he was apprehended shortly afterwards. The men face several criminal charges, including robbery. The proof in this case will likely be on the easy side for the prosecution, in comparison to crimes by “outsiders.” Perhaps the real issue for criminal defense counsel to address is the motive behind the crime. Assuming that the reported facts are generally accurate, their behavior begs some questions at the outset.

Were the employees upset with their jobs, bored with nothing to do or playing sick games with no long-range idea of what they were doing? Nothing in the way it was carried out would indicate a desire to get away with it. Robbery, however, is a serious felony in Colorado and other states, mainly because in involves the use of force, threats and compulsion to steal property from another. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to skillfully present the matter with an emphasis on mitigating circumstances, and thus help the defendants to minimize the apparent impact of their behavior.

Source:, “Assistant manager, associate arrested in robbery at own store”, Angelica Lombardi, Dec. 9, 2016

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