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Serious charges filed over excessive force allegations


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A Colorado inmate was transferred to a different prison after he was allegedly assaulted by two prison employees. The former prison guard and an officer from the Colorado Department of Corrections are both facing serious charges, including assault and official misconduct. The inmate reportedly suffered a brain injury in what some claim was an act of excessive force.

The two men were captured on a security camera while transferring the inmate between two different areas within the prison. Another prison guard also began recording the incident on a personal camera and can be heard asking the corrections officer and guard whether the inmate had attempted to kick them. A supervisor can also be heard advising the inmate to stop fighting. They claimed that he continued to fight back against them.

However, what actually transpired has been hotly disputed. The inmate alleges that he was not fighting back because he had been close to falling unconscious. After the altercation he had to have two cuts stitched up. A nurse captured on the video was heard saying that the inmate had trouble behaving, which was a statement he quickly denied. He has since claimed that the incident led to migraines from a brain injury, even though he has not had an X-ray or any type of diagnosis.

The prison guard has since been fired and is accused of both second- and third-degree assaults, as well as trying to influence a public official. The latter charge has also been filed against the corrections officer in addition to false reporting, official misconduct and others. Serious charges such as these can have a profound influence on a person’s future, and most Colorado defendants hope to minimize the impact as much as possible. This is usually accomplished by constructing the most appropriate defense strategy based on the details of the case, charges and related evidence.

Source:, “2 state prison guards face charges, lawsuit for excessive force“, Tammy Vigil, June 21, 2016

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