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Is it possible to avoid the penalties of a DUI?


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The penalties for a drunk driving conviction in Colorado are steep and have the potential for a serious, detrimental impact on the individual’s future. While it is possible to effectively confront these charges with a strong defense strategy, it is important for drivers to know their rights and options after an arrest. Many people facing DUI charges do not know that pleading guilty is far from the only option.

Most DUI charges follow a traffic stop that is initiated by a law enforcement officer who believes that the driver is demonstrating signs of possible intoxication. Many times, this judgment call is based on a subjective interpretation of a driver’s behaviors. In some cases, it is possible for a driver to challenge the validity of a traffic stop that led to a DUI arrest, as well as challenge any evidence offered by the prosecution.

Colorado drivers may erroneously assume that a first-time DUI is not a major legal concern. In reality, even a first-time offense could lead to serious consequences that include fines, loss of driving privileges, jail time and even community service hours. Even if it is the first time yu have been accused of a DUI offense, the impact that this charge can have on your future should not be overlooked.

Get the right help as soon as possible after a DUI charge or arrest. Our team is experienced in defending people against all types of drunk driving charges, and we know how to challenge the evidence against you and determine what other options are available. Your future is on the line, but you can and should take steps to protect your legal rights and long-term interests.

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