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Domestic dispute results in attempted murder criminal charges


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Although incidents of domestic violence may be the foundation of a purported criminal episode, the police may choose to arrest the accused for more serious charges under Colorado law, if the facts justify it. That apparently is the general picture surrounding criminal charges of attempted murder and other violations asserted against a man who was arrested on Christmas Eve after an ongoing series of incidents involving his wife. Boulder County deputies took the man into custody after a 911 call from his wife in which she described his several attempts to grab the steering wheel of their car and cause them to go over a cliff or engage in a head-on collision.

Sheriff’s deputies report that the couple were on an outing to Estes Park for the day. The accused became agitated in the car, and ingested several pieces of marijuana gum, per the police. The husband reportedly became intensely agitated at first because his wife was unable to call police to help him with complaints of passing out.

He allegedly grabbed the wheel several times and tried to steer the vehicle off of a cliff or into oncoming traffic. As events escalated, the accused took the cell phone out of his wife’s hands each time that she tried to call 911, per police statements. When they reached Lyons, she was able to reach the authorities.

The police arrested him for attempted murder, obstruction of telephone, reckless endangerment and littering. The man remains in custody and is awaiting a preliminary hearing. In what is essentially a domestic violence allegation, the unknown factor initially is whether the complaining party will follow through and testify against her spouse when the time comes. Experienced criminal defense counsel will likely be able to negotiate a plea bargain to reduce criminal charges under Colorado law, considering the possible mitigating circumstances that may exist and in light of the domestic foundation underlying the events.

Source:, “Colorado Deputies arrest Ketchikan man for alleged attempted murder“, Dec.27, 2016

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