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Colorado man facing criminal charges


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A Colorado man was recently taken into police custody for allegedly refusing to let a woman leave his apartment. The criminal charges filed against him are reportedly many. If convicted, the consequences could be quite severe.

According to local news report, police received a call from a friend of a woman who was allegedly being kept from leaving the home of the accused. The evening of Feb. 19, police responded to the Encore at First and Main apartment complex to investigate the situation. When they arrived on scene, the woman was no longer in the apartment. She was outside and told police that the accused was still in his home. Upon police request, he came out without incident.

The accused was promptly arrested and transported to a holding facility. Domestic violence charges have been filed against him. It is unclear if court dates regarding the matter have been scheduled. It has also not been reported if the accused is still in police custody or if he has been released pending his legal hearings.

Criminal charges of domestic violence are not treated lightly in the state of Colorado. However, at the end of the day, as in all domestic violence situations there are two sides to this story, and the accused has the right to share his or at least take the steps to defend himself. This he can do with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. With legal counsel at his side, it will be possible to question any evidence offered against him and introduce information that may be beneficial to his case.

Source:, “Man arrested on domestic violence charges in eastern Colorado“, Angela Case, Feb. 19, 2018

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