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Workplace sexual harassment in commercial real estate


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Many women in the field of commercial real estate face sexual harassment on the job, according to a recent survey.

The survey was of over 600 women who work in this real estate field. They were from the U.S. and Canada.

Around half of these women said that they had experienced sexual harassment at least once in their careers. The vast majority of these women said they had been subjected to such wrongful behavior multiple times. It was not uncommon for respondents to indicate they had been harassed five or more times.

Of the respondents who said they had been harassed, three-fourths indicated that they did not report the incident to higher-ups in their company.

As this survey underscores, sexual harassment remains a very serious problem in many industries here in the United States. Another thing the survey results point to is a lot of workplace sexual harassment going unreported. There are a range of things that could leave harassment victims feeling like they are not free to report what has happened to them, such as fears about safety.

It is important for victims of workplace sexual harassment here in Colorado to know that they don’t have simply put up with the wrong being done to them. They also don’t have to deal with this difficult situation alone. They can reach out for skilled and understanding support. Attorneys experienced in representing sexual harassment victims can help individuals with fighting against harassment, standing up for their rights and protecting their interests.

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