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Colorado’s snowy roads make holiday driving treacherous


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Were you in a car accident over the Thanksgiving holiday? Even if you managed to escape an accident so far, the holiday season is far from over. That means that there will be plenty of people on the roads, no matter what the weather is like. With snowstorms already pounding the Colorado roads, that means that there are bound to be more accidents.

Who is responsible for a car accident when a car slides out on the ice or spins out on snow?

Ice and snow don’t relieve liability.

Being at fault isn’t the same as getting a ticket. The police may be hesitant to cite anybody for a wreck in the snow or ice, especially if it isn’t clear how the accident started.

In that situation, it may be up to the insurance companies to sort out who is at-fault for the damages and injuries. If police or insurance adjusters believe someone drove irresponsibly given the weather conditions, that will impact the liability allocation in the crash.

What makes a driver at-fault for bad-weather accidents?

Many accidents can be avoided, even in snowy weather, with the proper care. Drivers often cause wrecks in rough weather through some pretty basic bad behaviors.

  • Tailgating: One of the worst things a driver can do on the snow is ride to your bumper. If you have to suddenly stop, you’re almost guaranteed to get into a rear-end crash.
  • Driving too fast: Some drivers seem like they want to prove that a little snow won’t slow them down. They drive as if the roads were clear, putting themselves and others in danger.
  • Carelessness. Colorado law makes general carelessness on the road a misdemeanor. The negligent driver is also likely responsible for any injuries he or she causes.

If you or your loved one suffered a serious injury due to another driver’s actions in bad weather, find out more about your legal options.

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