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Can I make a liability claim after an injury near a warning sign?


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Warning signs are commonly put in place on public or private premises to alert visitors of a possible health and safety risk. They may be placed outside of construction sites or when temporary hazards like wet floors are present.

If you were injured on a private or public premises, you may want to look into the options you have to seek compensation for your injuries, damages and other losses. However, if you injured yourself even though there were warning signs in place, you may wonder if it is still possible to hold the owner of the premises liable.

Can I still make a premises liability claim?

Your possibility to make a premises liability claim after becoming injured will depend on the specific circumstances surrounding the incident. While the existence of a warning sign is often sufficient to prevent an injury and could affect your ability to claim liability in some circumstances, showing that the premises was otherwise negligent could result in a successful claim.

For example, if there was a wet floor sign accompanied by a cordoned-off area, visitors would be wise to avoid the designated area. However, if the wet floor extended beyond the cordoned off area and you slipped as a result, you could likely pursue a premises liability claim if you were injured. This is because the premises owners were negligent by failing to make the dangerous situation safe for guests, despite the presence of a warning sign.

If you have been injured on a public premises but you are confused about whether you can claim damages, you should start by determining whether the owner could have done more to prevent your accident.

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