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Did your employer take steps to prevent sexual harassment?


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If you suffered sexual harassment at work, your employer might try to say they could not have done anything about it because they did not know it was happening. However, employers are obliged to take proactive measures to try to prevent it from happening.

What should your employer do to prevent sexual harassment?

  • Take a stance: People will know if a company and management team genuinely care about eliminating sexual harassment. If they do not stand up and make it clear that they care, it could leave you more vulnerable to harassment.
  • Create policies: These anti-discrimination policies should be made available for everyone to see. Having them filed away is pointless.
  • Have a complaints procedure in place: Reporting sexual harassment can be intimidating. If your employer has not explained the reporting procedure, you and your colleagues may be hesitant about speaking up.
  • Provide training: You may have suffered actions for years without realizing they were sexual harassment. Employers need to ensure all their staff understands what constitutes harassment. They should also ensure they have trained management on how to handle it when reported. Many employees fail to report it because they fear how their manager will react.

Federal discrimination and harassment laws do not apply to companies with fewer than 15 employees. Fortunately, if you live in Colorado, state laws cover almost all employers, regardless of size. You have the right to go to work without someone harassing you and you have the right to report it without fear of recrimination. There are legal options available to take action against the perpetrator and your employer if they did not make efforts to provide you with a safe working environment.

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