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2 things to do if pulled over on DUI suspicion in Colorado


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Let’s make this clear: Driving while under influence is a bad idea. Do not do it. It is illegal, it endangers your life, and most importantly, it endangers the lives of other road users. Drink responsibly, but if you cannot, be an adult and get a cab or call a ride-share.

Having said that, it is not unusual for people to make bad, reckless and even illegal choices and have to figure out how to deal with the emerging consequences. If you choose to drive under influence, you are opening yourself up for a ton of dangers, including the possibility of a DUI arrest and a conviction.

If you end up getting pulled over for a DUI in Colorado, here are three things you need to keep in mind:

Pullover right away and remain in your car

Your driving is suspicious and the law enforcement has probably used a couple of cues to detect that you must be driving under influence. If a cop flashes their lights at you and you know you have been drinking prior to operating a motor vehicle, slow down and pack at the side of the road as quickly and safely as you can. Once you have stopped your car, switch off the engine and remain calm. Do not get out of the car unless the officer asks you to step out.

Be polite

Disrespect, use of derogatory language, leaving the scene or disobeying instructions will definitely hurt your DUI case. Of course, being pulled down on suspicion of drunk driving can be scary, especially if you know you actually did take alcohol before hitting the road. And you know what is worse? Disregarding instructions from the law enforcement officer or refusing to yield to a Breathalyzer test.

If you notice the police vehicle coming after you and you have been drinking, the last thing you want is to worsen the situation by handling the stop improperly. Mistakes like resisting arrest or refusing to yield to blood alcohol tests can result in you facing additional charges.

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