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Fall driving hazards to watch out for in Colorado


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The autumn season always ushers in a wave of motor vehicle accidents in some areas of Colorado. The weather in our state is often unpredictable and could cause you to lose control of your vehicle, resulting in an accident.

Learning about weather and environmental autumn hazards can also help you avoid motor vehicle accidents caused by a reckless driver. For example, if a careless driver slips on an icy patch, your knowledge may help you get out of the way in time to avoid a collision.

Things to watch for when driving in the fall

Weather is a top contributor to autumn motor vehicle accidents, but other factors can also put you in danger of a crash.

  • Poor vehicle maintenance. Making sure your car is in good condition and properly maintained at the start of autumn can go a long way in helping you avoid a crash.
  • Wildlife. The fall season is also the mating season for many animals. Watch out for deer and other wildlife entering roadways throughout autumn.
  • School children. Kids often walk or bike to school. Watch out for children during school hours to avoid a potentially tragic pedestrian accident.
  • Road conditions. As we mentioned above, Colorado weather is hard to predict in the fall season. Keep an eye out for rain, fallen leaves, ice and snow.
  • Sun glare. As the sun sits lower on the horizon, it can cast a brilliant (and blinding) glare. Always bring sunglasses or use your vehicle’s shades to reduce glare from the sun and the headlights of other automobiles.

If you do experience a motor vehicle accident with injuries, you may want to file an accident claim. Learning more about your compensation options in the wake of a crash is also beneficial.

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