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Tips for driving safely in the fog


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When you encounter fog during your commute, it can often be very unexpected. You don’t have the same warning signs that you do with other weather events. Many drivers are unsure how to react in the moment, and that can lead to a car accident.

So what should you do if you find yourself driving through a bank of fog with visability shrinking to nothing? The following tips can help you stay safe.

Use your low beams or fog lights

Many people think that they should turn their high beams on for better visibility. However, the high beams reflect off of the fog and make it harder to see.

Slow down and be wary of cars ahead of you

Reducing speed is a great way to give yourself more reaction time. You may not be able to see vehicles ahead of you as quickly, but you’ll still be able to react if you suddenly catch up to one.

Don’t stop in the lane

The biggest thing to remember is that you never want to stop in the traffic lane. Many people see the reduction in visibility and believe the safest thing they can do is stop the car until they can see. If you do this without pulling off to the side of the road, you could be unexpectedly rear-ended by someone behind you who can’t see your vehicle in the fog.

Even if you know how to drive safely in the fog, you could still be injured in an accident caused by another driver. Make sure that you’re aware of all the legal options at your disposal if this happens to you. You may deserve compensation for medical bills and more.

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