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How do you prove a property owner’s negligence?


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When a property owner does not properly maintain the premises, hazards may arise, which can cause accidents and injuries to unsuspecting victims.

You may have the right to file a premises liability lawsuit against the owner of a home or business when you suffer injuries from a slip and fall, an animal attack or in numerous other situations. For your claim to be successful, though,  the owner must have been negligent in some way. 

What does negligence look like? Here’s what you should know:

Proving negligence in premises liability cases

Showing negligence in a premises liability case is not as difficult as you may think. The standard to show negligence is to determine if a reasonable person would see the risk that the property owner’s inaction or action caused. 

It’s obvious, for example, that if a store lacks security cameras or lights in its parking lot a crime may occur. Also, most people realize that ensuring the floors stay dry is essential when store owners want to prevent visitors from slipping and falling. Similarly, homeowners need to keep stairs in good shape and make sure they don’t have any hidden dangers in their yard when they invite guests over.

Collecting compensation after a premises liability accident

If you are injured on someone else’s property, no matter if it is a private residence or business, you have two options to recover damages. One is to file a claim with the property owner’s insurance company. You may also be able to file a lawsuit against the property owner. Knowing your legal options will help you determine which solution is right for you. 

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