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Why might a tired driver have caused your crash?


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Have you ever driven while feeling tired? While it is typical among drivers, it is inadvisable. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), almost 800 people died, and 50,000 more were injured in 2017 in crashes caused by tired drivers.

If you are in a collision, you need to consider all possible reasons the other person may have been at fault. As all of us will feel tired at some point in the day, there is a good chance that fatigue may have played a role, especially if the crash happened at night, when our body naturally wants to be asleep.

Here are some things to consider:

Did the driver appear not to see you until too late?

You were pulling out of an intersection, as was your right, and for some reason, a driver coming across your path drove straight into you. If they did not see you, it might be because they were in a daze due to tiredness and only saw you when it was already too late to stop.

Tiredness can also slow reaction times. So once the driver did realize you were there, they may have taken longer than normal to realize they needed to brake.

Did they misjudge your speed?

You were approaching an intersection, and for some unknown reason, the driver decided to turn across you. Tired drivers lack judgment and may have underestimated your speed upon approach, cutting you off.

Was the driver asleep at the wheel?

If a driver drifts across their lane and crashes into you, it might be that they had actually fallen asleep and lost control of their car. Fatigued driving is avoidable, yet drivers continue to do it. Seek legal help to understand if it may have played a role in your injury crash.

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