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How does a DUI affect your life in the long run?


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If you are pulled over by the police and charged with DUI (driving under the influence), you may be scared about what will happen. 

The fact is DUI laws in Colorado are serious and impose severe penalties on those who are convicted. While this is true, there are viable defense options available. Along with knowing what these defenses are, it’s helpful to know that DUI convictions don’t just impact your life now. They often have far-reaching and long-term penalties

An impact on your current or future employment

A DUI conviction may result in losing your existing job, especially if it involves driving in some way. It can also impact other jobs because you must go to court, find rides to work if you lose your license and spend other time away from your job. All this may lead to grounds for your employer to let you go. 

However, it can also affect future job opportunities. Most people with DUI convictions find it challenging to get driving-related jobs. Also, an employer conducting a criminal background check may ruin your chances of being hired. 

The social stigma

While it may be unfair, many people convicted of DUI are treated differently by others at work, in their social circle and even by family members. DUI convictions are public records, and this is something that can follow you for many years. 

Protecting your rights

If you are charged with DUI in Colorado, you must take steps to protect your rights and freedom. You have legal options and legal defenses that may help you avoid a conviction. Knowing your rights and options will help you get a desirable outcome for your situation. 

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