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3 types of distractions drivers face


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Drivers must ensure they’re doing everything they can to remain focused on the road. Even a few seconds of inattention to the road can lead to catastrophes that could have been prevented. 

While most people recognize that cell phones are a source of distraction, they may not think about some common activities that drivers do while they’re behind the wheel. 

Common distractions

There are three categories of distractions that drivers face. These include:

  • Visual distractions: These force a driver to stop looking at the roadway. 
  • Manual distractions: These require a driver to take their hands off the steering wheel.
  • Cognitive distraction: These make a driver take their mind off of driving safely.

Some distractions encompass only one of these, but some can include all three. Text messaging, for example, requires the driver to look at the phone, touch the phone, and think about the messages. Eating or drinking requires a driver to take their hands off the wheel. A conversation with a passenger takes thought. Changing the radio station requires a driver to use their hands and eyes. 

Even short distractions can lead to catastrophic results. Vehicles traveling at 55 miles per hour, which is slower than interstate speed, go approximately the length of a regulation football field in just five seconds. Five seconds is the average time it takes to check a text message. 

Anyone who’s injured by a distracted driver should ensure they get medical care for their injuries. They may choose to seek compensation for the financial damages they’re dealing with as a result of the wreck. The laws in Colorado limit how long you have to seek compensation, so never wait too long before you get started. 

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