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Modifying A Divorce Decree

The terms of a divorce decree are not set in stone. Situations change, and modifications to parenting time, child support, spousal support or other aspects of a divorce settlement may be necessary. In some instances, your former spouse may not be living up to the conditions set forth in your agreement. Other times, your former spouse may attempt to modify terms that you believe are already appropriate and should not be modified. Sometimes a parent may need or wish to relocate, necessitating change.

The attorneys at Fuller & Ahern, P.C. have decades of experience helping clients modify, enforce or maintain the terms of their divorce decrees. Indeed, we have successfully resolved countless matters pertaining to child support, spousal support, parenting time and related issues, through both alternative dispute resolution and litigation.

Contact us to find out if your situation qualifies for a post-decree modification or what we can do to help you defend against such a modification.

Keeping Things Fair

Whether you need to modify an agreement, ensure enforcement of an agreement or defend against a modification, we can help.

Post-decree issues that we regularly handle for our clients include:

  • Enforcement and collection of child support amounts
  • Recalculating child support amounts based upon a change in circumstances
  • Defending against unwarranted collection and/or modifications of child support
  • Enforcement and collection of maintenance amounts
  • Recalculating maintenance amounts based upon a change in circumstances
  • Defending against unwarranted collection and/or modifications of maintenance
  • Modifying decision-making (child custody) or parenting time (visitation) arrangements
  • Defending against decision-making and parenting time modifications
  • Move-away situations when a parent wants to relocate with a minor child

No matter your situation, we’re here to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Do You Or Your Former Spouse Have A Valid Reason To Request A Modification?

A free consultation with one of our lawyers will help you determine if you should seek a post-decree modification and/or how to defend against one. We serve clients in Parker and throughout the Denver metro area.

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