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Colorado Springs bank robbery suspect located and jailed


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The week of Thanksgiving, a branch of Herring Bank located on North Nevada Avenue was robbed. Police believe they identified the person responsible, but he was not in the state by the time they reached that determination. However, the man accused of the bank robbery was brought back to Colorado Springs, and at last report, was in jail there.

According to reports, a man walked into the bank at approximately 4 p.m. on Nov. 24. He was armed only with a note demanding cash. The robber did not appear to be armed, and no one suffered any injuries. He walked out of the bank with an undisclosed amount of money.

The investigation determined that the perpetrator is allegedly the 42-year-old man who was being held at the El Paso County Jail at last report. Supposedly, after committing the robbery here in Colorado Springs, he then fled to Wyoming. He was arrested there on Nov. 27 under circumstances described only as suspicious. Police say that the accused man traveled from Texas, where he was wanted for theft. Under the circumstances, it clearly would be in his best interest to have counsel.

He is presumed innocent until and unless prosecutors prove that he is guilty of this bank robbery beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. To that end, he has the right to dispute the evidence against him and confront any witnesses in court. A thorough review of the case will need to be conducted, and every avenue will need to be explored in order to ensure that this man’s rights are protected.

Source:, “Man accused of robbing central Colorado Springs bank arrested in Wyoming”, Angela Case, Dec. 9, 2015

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