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Domestic assault charges keep some families apart for holidays


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Being with family is one of the most important parts of the holiday season. Sadly, for some people in Colorado who have been charged with a domestic violence offense, being with loved ones is not an option. We understand the intense emotional and legal toll that facing domestic assault charges can take on an individual and on a family.

Charges related to domestic violence are not necessarily isolated to acts of physical violence. Often, these charges are also filed for allegations of stalking or the more under the more vague title of “criminal mischief,” which can have a relatively wide range of implications. Contrary to popular belief, these charges cannot simply be dropped by a person’s partner or spouse.

Domestic violence charges fall under criminal law, which means that even if a couple reconciles, the partner accused of committing some type of violence, verbal threat or harassment will still have to proceed through the criminal process. He or she will also still be bound by any existing restraining orders or orders of protection. While the right to protection for victims are not to be underscored or discounted in any way, unjust domestic violence charges can be equally damaging to families.

Spending the holidays apart from family can be difficult enough, but when the added burden of facing domestic assault charges is added on, the effect can be amplified. Our firm prides itself on the outstanding guidance and representation that we have provided to our Colorado clients, both those facing charges and those seeking protection. While no two stories are alike, further help and information concerning these types of charges can be found here on our website.

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