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Veteran facing serious charges after hit-and-run accident


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A lot is at stake for a retired Army colonel who currently faces some rather hefty accusations. His charges include multiple counts of drunk driving, vehicular homicide and other fairly serious charges that could lead to decades spent behind bars. Currently out on $500,000 bail, he is set to return to court soon in order to attend a preliminary hearing regarding his charges.

After serving in the Army at the Space and Missile Defense Command for 27 years, he retired in June 2013 and crossed back over to the civilian side of life. However, Colorado police say that he spent the day of Nov. 15, 2015 drinking while he attended a Denver Broncos football game. That night, his vehicle allegedly struck a police vehicle, killing the trooper inside before he took off, fleeing the scene.

Police eventually caught up with the driver and charged him three felonies, including the vehicular homicide allegation. His drunk driving charges are misdemeanors, although they should still be handled just as seriously as his other charges. Reports indicate that he appeared to be distraught while still in police custody, and he is set to next appear in court in February.

A conviction on the vehicular manslaughter charge alone could net more than 25 years behind bars, making the proper handling of these serious charges especially important. No matter what allegations they face, Colorado defendants have more than one option for addressing their charges. While some choose to fight the formal accusations throughout the entirety of any and all trial court proceedings, others seek to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution in exchange for various benefits, including lesser charges and/or favorable sentencing considerations. Since no two cases are alike, it is important for defendants to carefully examine their charges alongside their respective counsel before determining the approach that will likely achieve the most beneficial outcome.

Source:, “Felony charges for former Army colonel accused of killing Colorado trooper in DUI crash“, Dec. 18, 2015

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