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Burglary allegations lead to arrest of 2 men, 1 woman

It is easy to read a news article about the arrest of people accused of crime and make a quick judgment that the arrested persons are guilty. Of course, that is against the foundational premise of our criminal justice system, both of our nation and of the state of Colorado, which provide a presumption of innocence of any criminal allegations until proved guilty. For most people, however, it is normal and natural to simply accept what one reads without imprinting the idea of innocence or requiring any more proof than what appears in the press.

Domestic violence charges in Colorado can have tragic results

The Colorado law on domestic violence was enacted about 25 years ago, and it currently has critics who assert that it needs some revamping. For one thing, the law requires a mandatory arrest where there are signs of domestic violence, but in some instances, that may be a subjective determination or one that is hastily and inaccurately made. Critics would like to see a law that does not so quickly draw the full force of the criminal law and its heavy sanctions for domestic violence charges into the mix.

Domestic violence suspect flees allegations of attempted murder

After recent events, it may not be any wonder that a Colorado man is running from the law. The 37-year-old man is accused of a horrific crime, and police are now focusing on family members and friends who may be helping him elude capture. In fact, three days after the incident, a relative of the man was arrested for allegations of accessory to attempted murder.

Plea bargain likely in defense of woman who stole Sheriff's SUV

Colorado gets its share of weird events that end up in criminal arrests. One of those occurred Friday evening, Oct. 28, when a 32-year-old woman who was handcuffed and sitting in the rear of a deputy's SUV managed to slip out of her handcuffs and bust through the barrier to the front seat. The outcome leaves her facing a slew of criminal charges against which she must wage a monumental defense.

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