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Driver charged with DUI by Colorado police


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An alleged hit-and-run wreck prompted Colorado police to start a pursuit that ended in one woman’s arrest. Police eventually caught up with the driver, who was later charged with a drug-related DUI among other charges. She is currently no longer in police custody, although it is not exactly clear what her bail might have been.

Police were notified of a hit-and-run accident and provided with a description of the offending vehicle. Sometime later that same evening, authorities spotted what they believed to be a vehicle that matched the description they had been given. However, when they attempted to initiate a traffic stop, they claim that the driver tried to drive away.

The chase lasted only a short while, and police report that no one suffered any injuries in the initial car wreck or during the subsequent chase. Upon actually coming into contact with the driver, the attending officers described her as appearing disturbed, although further elaborations were not given. She was ultimately charged with vehicular eluding, driving under the influence of drugs and a number of other traffic-related violations.

The driver was apparently not in police custody for an extended period of time, although initial time spent in custody does not necessarily correlate to the seriousness of a defendant’s charges. Whether for alcohol or drugs, DUI charges can have a profound impact on a person’s quality of life. Many defendants in Colorado choose to request administrative hearings in order to retain driving privileges, and even those who choose not to still have the opportunity to defend themselves under the full extent of the law.

Source:, “Colorado Springs police arrest woman after wreck, chase“, Wayne Heilman, April 3, 2016

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