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Defensive lineman Samson Kafovalu facing criminal charge


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Samson Kafovalu — a defensive lineman at the University of Colorado — was recently suspended from the team following his arrest. He is currently being held on a criminal charge for obstructing an officer. His bond was set at $500, although at last update, he was still in police custody awaiting his first court appearance.

Police responded to an early-morning call from bouncers at an area bar. According to police, Kafovalu had attempted to enter the bar but had been refused entry because of his heavily intoxicated behavior. Unhappy with this decision, he allegedly became uncooperative, which prompted the bouncers to make the phone call.

Responding police officers claim that they attempted to speak with Kafovalu, encouraging him to simply take a taxi ride home. Police say he was unsatisfied with that option, so they even offered to transport him back home in their cruiser. Set on entering the bar, Kafovalu supposedly refused both options. He was ultimately arrested when he stood up in a manner that police perceived to be aggressive in nature, and he was charged with obstruction.

It was widely speculated that Kafovalu was set to be the defensive line starter for the University of Colorado, although it is unclear how his recent criminal charge and subsequent suspension will affect his position on the team. However, he can still take charge of his own future by beginning defense preparations in a timely manner. For most Colorado defendants, addressing allegations and all possible defense strategies early on is an excellent move for ensuring the best possible outcome.

Source:, “Samson Kafovalu, CU Buffs lineman, jailed in Boulder on obstruction charge“, Mitchell Byars, April 8, 2016

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