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Results of blood draw could lead to drunk driving charges


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Multiple parked vehicles were involved in a car accident that ultimately led to a woman’s arrest. Although the driver has not officially been charged for drunk driving, Colorado authorities suspect that alcohol might have influenced the wreck. She is currently still in police custody on various allegations, including restraining order and bond condition allegations.

Police claim that the 43-year-old woman climbed behind the wheel of her vehicle after a nearby bar had already refused her service. Bar employees were apparently under the impression that she was already visibly intoxicated at the time. Sometime after leaving the bar, she collided with a total of seven parked vehicles before colliding with a tree that was located close to an area police department.

The driver was transported to the hospital after the wreck, where she agreed to have her blood drawn in order to determine her blood-alcohol content. Authorities supposedly found an open container of alcohol inside of her vehicle. In addition to the potential drunk driving charges, the driver was apparently under multiple restraining orders that required her to abstain from alcohol, and she also had multiple warrants out for her arrest.

Colorado records indicate that she already has three drunk driving offenses, which could potentially lead to more serious DUI charges with harsher penalties. Blood draw results typically take about two weeks to be returned, but this does not mean that defendants should simply lie in wait during this time. Due to the seriousness of these possible charges, researching possible defense strategies alongside the careful guidance of legal counsel is a good idea even in the absence of official charges.

Source:, “Police: Drunk driver who hit 7 parked cars Monday has 3 prior DUIs“, Anica Padilla, July 26, 2016

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