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Colorado homeowner could face murder charge after robbery


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The victim of a terrifying robbery could possibly have to contend with criminal charges in the near future. Colorado police are considering filing a murder charge against the victim, who they say shot the man who tied him up inside of his home. While community reaction has been largely in support of the victim, some believe that the language of the law might not be quite as sympathetic to his actions.

Apparently, the victim had made a listing on the popular website Craigslist offering some sort of item up for sale or possibly for free. The man who responded to the Craigslist ad apparently had other ideas in mind, and quickly set to work tying up the victim in order burglar his home. Before he could finish the job, the man was somehow able to free himself, after which he retrieved his firearm and fired off multiple shots.

The robber fled the residence in his vehicle, but was ultimately shot by the homeowner before he could get very far. After crashing his car, he died while still at the scene. Neighbors have expressed support for the homeowner, citing beliefs that the right to personal defense extends well beyond the boundaries of the home. Others disagree, instead pointing to laws that make it difficult to legally use lethal force outside of a few specific situations.

A person’s home is no doubt an intensely personal and even sacred space, the violation of which can be quite traumatic. Colorado state law has certain caveats in which a homeowner may use deadly force when faced with an intruder, the exact meaning of which is sometimes disputed when allegations of murder arise. While most people in this type of situation are well advised to begin defense preparations even before the filing of any charges, the simple discussion of a possible murder charge in no way insinuates guilt. As such, the innocence and rights of the homeowner must continually be upheld and maintained as the investigation continues.

Source:, “Man robbed at gunpoint may face charges for killing suspect“, Douglas Ernst, Jan. 26, 2016

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