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Number of DUI charges likely skyrocketed over Super Bowl weekend


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Football fans in Colorado recently celebrated the Super Bowl, and a good percentage of viewers likely drank alcohol during the celebrations. Because of increased alcohol consumption, police were out in force over the big weekend with their eyes peeled for possible drunk drivers. However, with so many additional officers on the streets specifically looking for people to charge with a DUI, it is possible that some charges might be unfounded.

The 2014 Super Bowl weekend resulted in 327 DUI arrests and an alleged 43 drunk driving related deaths. The same weekend in 2015 only rounded up 234 individuals for possible drunk driving. The exact number of drunk driving arrests from the most recent Super Bowl weekend are not yet known, but there’s a good chance that the numbers are still somewhat higher than other times of the year.

This year, Colorado police amped up patrols of not only marked vehicles, but also of unmarked police cars. The effort was pulled off by multiple agencies across the state, including the Colorado State Troopers. Police mainly targeted areas that they suspected of being especially problematic for possible drunk drivers.

Driving while under the influence is certainly an understandable concern for law enforcement, the final implications of a DUI conviction can be absolutely devastating for a person’s future and livelihood. Many accused of being intoxicated behind the wheel do not have access to reliable public transportation and rely on their driving privileges in order to travel to and from school, work and even the grocery store. There is no single approach to handling a DUI, and defendants can benefit from considering both the possibilities of a plea deal as well as fighting the charges to the very end of trial court proceedings.

Source:, “Colorado police step up DUI enforcement for Super Bowl weekend“, Jennifer Kovaleski, Feb. 4, 2016

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