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Colorado man faces attempted murder charge following dispute


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Owning a house is one of many parts of the American dream. Many in Colorado dream of living lives of peace on plots of land that they own. Unfortunately, even those who live in houses they own find that they are unable to live peacefully due to the actions of their neighbors. Disputes often arise for a variety of reasons but rarely result in criminal charges. That was not the case for one man after a recent argument with his neighbors; he is now facing an attempted murder charge.

The alleged incident happened in mid-February. Police claim that a 59-year-old man had an argument with his neighbors. The neighbors claim that, while they were walking up their driveway, the man fired a gun approximately five times.

As a result of the neighbors’ claims, the man has since been arrested and is accused of attempted murder. Unfortunately, there are many details of the alleged event that are unclear. Some of these missing details include the cause of the disagreement and whether there were any witnesses to support the claims that the man fired a gun in their direction.

It is possible that, in anger, a person might choose to fire a gun at the people with whom he or she is fighting. However, there are also many other, equally plausible, possibilities, including that the gun was fired in self-defense or that the events of an exchange were embellished or made up by others involved in the dispute. Without impartial witnesses or other supporting evidence, it may be difficult for Colorado prosecutors to prove the attempted murder charge beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source:, “Man faces attempted murder charges after police say he shot at neighbors in SE Colorado Springs“, Kaitlin Durbin, Feb. 12, 2016

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